Festival Info

What to expect?

A meeting of the Punk Rock scene in the middle of nowhere in Franconia at the height of summer. An international first class line up awaits you there for two whole days. Both entrance and camping are free of charge. Would you like to be part of a really informal festival in a relaxed atmosphere? Then..
…welcome to KNRD Fest!

Where at?

  • Hormersdorf (near Nuremberg, GER)
  • Am Hohen Kreuz, 91220 Hormersdorf
  • A9 exit Hormersdorf
  • next bus stop: Hormersdorf Mitte


The entrance to KNRD Fest is free of charge, but be aware that the capacity is limited. That´s why you´re advised to make a reservation through our onlineshop to ensure to get in, while allowing KNRD to plan with some level of accuracy. At the entrance you subsequently exchange the reservation for vouchers and a festival wristband.


KNRD Fest takes place around the “NaturFreunde” house in a clearing in the woods. The location is idyllic and should remain so – so KNRD expects all guests to treat it with respect.

Camping + Parking

A local farmer provides a field of his for parking and camping right next to the festival site. Please pay attention to the signs which have been put up, avoid causing rubbish and make sure the field is clean and tidy when you leave.


KNRD Fest takes place in the midst of nature. Please collect any rubbish you may have produced and use the litter bins and bags which have been put there for your convenience. KNRD is thankful for each individual cigarette butt, which doesn´t need to get picked up behind you!



As in previous years, your physical well-being will be tended to. Franconian beer will be served fresh from the barrel (3€/0,5l), Cocktails will be mixed with love (6 €/0.4l) and a variety of meals suited to all, from those who enjoy meat to those who are true vegans. Saturday and Sunday morning the “NaturFreunde” will conjure up a smile over your hangovers with a breakfast ranging from the (in-)famous boiled white sausages “Weißwurst” to hummus. As you can see apart from the odd brain cell nothing will be missing.


KNRD Fest is financed above all through the sale of food and drink. If you bring all your own supplies, KNRD will end up empty-handed and the festival in its present form will not last much longer. So if you really wish to support KNRD Fest then do so by not bringing along tins of Ravioli and cans of beer.


The KNRD Fest Club is a non-profit making organisation offering a stage in order to support and encourage local and international talent in the Punk Rock scene. KNRD is interested in seeing that the bands appearing are adequately paid and not in trying to make a profit.

Join in!

The organisation and implementation of KNRD Fest is only possible because of the many voluntary helper’s dedication.
Would you like to help, too?
Then why not get in touch with KNRD see info@knrdfest . Or become a member of the KNRD Fest Club .