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Philipp Thönesnews

To keep the Fest small and cosy, KNRD Fest 2017 will have a limited capacity! This means that you will need to purchase a reservation ticket upfront, in order to make sure to get in!

Of course, KNRD will keep entry and camping FREE, like it always has been. To give KNRD some planning, the tickets have some value, though. The solution: in return for your ticket, you not only get a fancy festival wristband, but also a voucher, worth the same amount of money you spent on the ticket (minus a small service fee). With the voucher you will be able to buy food and drinks to the usual fair prices on the festival ground.

The limited stock of tickets will go on sale Sunday 26/3.

In the next couple of days KNRD will provide some more info about the whole new concept!

Keep it small, keep it special!

Online reservations are sold out!

A limited number of tickets is available at the festival.
Please understand that we can not guarantee for you to get in.